about me


2007, Madrid

I carried out my first translation jobs when working as an Account Executive in a communication agency in Madrid, translating press releases, technical documents and magazine articles on devices such as routers, switches or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies).

2008, Dublín

I worked as a proofreader and language technician in Activision, the well-known video game company, proofreading and testing the translation into Spanish of the video game Guitar Hero.

2009, Madrid

I gained experience and honed my Spanish writing skills in positions such as press officer in an NGO and as a project and community manager in an educational organisation.

2013, London

I worked as a proofreader and language technician in the Localisation QA department of Sega Europe (London), the world-renowned video game company. I worked in Sega for 3 years, proofreading the translations from English into Spanish of video games: interface, subtitles, dialogues, menus, manuals, system messages, naming conventions and terminology.

2016, London

In addition, I became a freelance translator, translating a wide range of technical and marketing documents, as well as localising apps and websites.

2020, London

Living in London, I'm in constant contact with British culture and society, which provides an excellent source of learning and is a great influence on my work as a translator.